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Exporting highlights in text

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I'm very much a newbie with no training on Nvivo so please be gentle.


I'm working with a team and not all of us have access to Nvivo. I want to show them how I've coded the text - not just the nodes, but specifically which bits of the text I've highlighted as 'coded'. I can't for the life of me work out how to export the data into word/pdf/excel to show the highlights.

Can anyone shed any light on this and give me a very basic guide on how to do this?

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To export highlights, please open a source and turn on highlights by going to View>Highlights>Coding for All Nodes/Coding for Selected Items. You can then click File>Print>Print>Ok to print/export to a PDF.

It would be best to print Coding Stripes along with Highlights as this will give you node names along with highlighted text.


Refer to the link below for detailed information on Highlights and Coding Stripes:




I hope this helps.




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