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HJones    0

I am using V11 but not pro or plus. In V10 I was able to classify my sources as interviews and add values around date, interviewer, etc. I could then go to explore and select 'source classification sheet' and get a summary of all the interviews I have completed. In V11 I can still classify sources as interviews but I no longer appear to have the option to explore and produce a 'source classification sheet' only a 'case classification sheet'. Is there another way I can get this summary table because it is very useful?



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QSRSupport    77

Hi HJones,


NVivo 11 for Windows Starter Edition is a streamlined version of NVivo aimed at students and those needing only the basic functionality of NVivo, without all of the more advanced features. As such, datasets are not included in this edition. This helps to reduce the cost of the software for newer users.


As such, source classifications are not available in this edition and you will need at least NVivo 11 for Windows Pro to use this feature. You can upgrade your licence from within the software by selecting File -> Help -> Upgrade Licence Edition. A web page will open and you will be guided through the purchase process. Upgrades do not take effect immediately. You will be contacted by QSR International when your license has been upgraded. Upgrading your licence will not affect your project data in any way. If you have any issues with this process, please let me know so I can resolve it for you.


A comprehensive comparison of the features of each product in the NVivo suite can be found at http://www.qsrinternational.com/product/product-feature-comparison




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