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Coding over 2 PDF pages

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Apologies if this is really simplistic or has been asked before...


When working with PDF journal articles I can't figure out how to code across 2 pages, i.e. when you highlight a sentence at the end of one page and the sentence continues over the page, how do you highlight so that you code that sentence but without the header/page number that is usually at the top of a PDF being included in the middle (see screenshot for example). I tried uncoding but that splits the reference in two. Sorry- feel like there's a really obvious answer I am missing.



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Hi Ellie,


NVivo sees header/footer/page number as a part of text in a PDF and it is not possible to exclude these without splitting the reference in two.

As a workaround, you can convert the PDF to an editable Word file and remove headers/page numbers. Then reimport into NVivo and code the text.



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