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How do I import a dataset after update 2?

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olesm    0

I want to import data from an Excel document and auto code at nodes for each value in a number of columns in the sheet.

Before Windows NVivo 11 Pro update 2 there was an Import Dataset Wizard that could do this, but after the update this function is replaced with the Survey Import Wizard. The Survey Import Wizard can’t do “Code at nodes for each value in a column”. This is still available in the Mac version, but Is there a way in the current version of Windows NVivo Pro to do this?

The information is here, but doesn't quite seem to cover update 2:


Thanks any help,


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QSRSupport    77

Hi Ole,


It is correct that Dataset import has been changed with update 2 however, you are still able to 'code at nodes for each value in a column'. To do so, you can use AutoCode Wizard once the dataset has been imported into NVivo. Refer to the help link below:



I hope this helps.




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