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Help! Coding Query

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Mundane    0



I've been working on a dataset just fine, but I've added in a few more nodes, and now my coding queries won't work.


I've searched and it seems to suggest that my cases might not be linked to sources - so I assume they've become 'unlinked' somehow when adding in new nodes? or the dataset has somehow corrupted?


So my question is, how do I link cases to sources AND keep the node coding (i've tried to follow instructions for linking cases to sources but then all my node coding seems to be removed/doesn't appear in the coding queries)


Any help would be much appreciated!



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QSRSupport    77

Hello Mundane,


If you are working with a dataset (Excel file), you may automatically create cases by referring to the below NVivo help link:



The cases will then be linked to the source file. You may then classify your Cases using the ‘Classify Cases from Dataset Wizard’ as mentioned in the following help link:



If the issue persists or you require any other information, please submit a support request at: http://www.qsrinternational.com/customer-support mentioning this forum post.


Hope this helps.




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