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Auto-coding problem

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SRaiche    0


I have about 40 interviews and I'm trying to use the autocoding option. I coded all of my interviews with headings (I created about 30 differents headings). But, when I use the autocoding, my results are not what I want. For example, when I choose ''Heading 1'', it gives me the good question content, but it also includes all of the other interview questions. It's like NVivo doesn't see the other heading in the text. If for example I want to use the autocoding with the ''Heading 14'', I get the content of the ''Heading 14'', but I also get the content of every questions which follows the Heading 14.

Is there a way to tell NVivo to only consider the chosen heading in the text?

Thank you,

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QSRSupport    77

Hi SRaiche,


I can see that you have also contacted us via the support form on our website and have received an email reply.


This issue is likely to be due to the formatting of the documents you are attempting to autocode. The way the autocoding by source style feature within NVivo works is that a node is created for each paragraph that is formatted with the selected style, and all of the text underneath that style is automatically coded to this node.


Generally you would have one heading style for each level you wish to create in your node hierarchy. For example if you had something like the below you could use autocoding to create a node hierarchy with “Heading 1” as the parent node, “Heading 2” as the child node and “text” as the coded text.


Heading 1

Heading 2



It sounds like instead of formatting your documents in this manner, you might have used a different paragraph style for each question. You should be able to reformat your document and then try running the autocode wizard again.




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