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I would like to use the framework approach with audio recordings (in NVivo 11 Pro) - I was hoping to link typed summaries to relevant parts of the recording. I've done this previously (Nvivo 10), but haven't been able to more recently and wonder if I have done something wrong...(and/or don't have the right version of NVivo for this function).


I have imported audio recordings into NVivo, assigned these to cases, created nodes for themes and have created framework matrices. On the media tools tab I can play and pause recordings fine, but other options are greyed out like 'assign timespan to rows'. Are you able to advise?


Many thanks,


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Hi Jasmin,


Some of the options on the media tab will always be greyed out when working with your framework matrix. These options are only available when the media file is open in Edit mode and are mostly related to editing your media transcript. The greyed out “Assign Timespan to Rows” option is used when your media file is open in Edit mode to assign the selected timespan on the media timeline to a selected transcript row.


To link your transcript or media file to a summary in your framework matrix:

  1. In the associated view, highlight the relevant transcript text or a timespan in the media timeline
  2. In the matrix, select the summary text you wish to link
  3. On the Framework Matrix tab, in the Summary group, click New Summary Link.


You can find some more information about working with framework matrices in NVivo 11 at the following link: http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/work_with_framework_matrices.htm




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