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Coding comparisons kappa still 0 despite trying suggested solutions

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smtsmith    0

Hope someone out there can help!


We are working on a stand alone project and are trying to run a coding comparison on interviews coded separately by two people.


One person worked on the master project and the other worked on a copy of the master project. We have imported and merged the copy into the master project but when running a coding comparison check we still come out with kappa=0 for each of the interviews.


We can't think where we could be going wrong. I have uploaded a couple of interviews as an example. Has anyone any idea?


Many thanks




Coding Comparison Query2.xlsx

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QSRSupport    77

Hi Sarah,


Looking at the results you’ve uploaded both “A and B” and “A and not B” are 0, which indicates that user A has not coded anything for these source and node combinations.


It might be the case that user A has genuinely not coded to these source and node combinations, in which case a kappa of 0 would be accurate.


Another scenario is that your two projects have not merged as expected, which can happen if NVivo does not detect that project items such as sources and nodes are duplicates. NVivo has certain criteria that need to be met for project items to be automatically merged and if these are not met both copies of the project item will be kept in the merged project. If that’s the case you’ll have 2 separate copies of sources and/or nodes.


If your projects have not been merged successfully, the easiest way to fix this would be to go back to your two separate project files and edit each of these so that they would now merge successfully. Once they have been merged successfully you should be able to run your coding comparison query again and get a more meaningful result.


To merge successfully, you will need to make sure that duplicate project items are named identically and are in the same location within each project. Depending on the type of project item there are some other criteria that will need to be met to be able to merge successfully and you can find details of these at the following link: http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/deep_concepts/how_duplicate_project_items_are_handled_during_import.htm


If you’ve gone through this process and you’re still experiencing difficulty with merging or running your coding comparison query, please submit a support request form at the following link as we may need to see a copy of your project to be able to assist further.





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