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Changing node colors in project map

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ksvari    1

We've created a project map by "Adding project items" using nodes and cases. We would like to assign different colors to the nodes -- so that, for example, nodes that reflect Idea X are in red; nodes that reflect Idea Y are in green and so forth.


I've read the help topics, which all suggest that a node can be assigned a color. And, indeed, I've clicked on each node (in List View), selected "properties" and assigned each a color. But all the circles in the Project Map representing a color stay blue.


I've also tried clicking on a node "circle" within the map (editing has been turned on), and selecting "properties." I can see that the node circle should be its assigned color, but it's only blue


Finally, the options for "Fill, " "Text Color," and other similar options in the "Format" section (Home tab is clicked) of the ribbon are all greyed out.


If I create the project map myself, by pulling in shapes and connectors and then giving them labels, I can alter the color. But I can't seem to do that when I've added project items "through" NVivo.




We have NVivo Pro, if that makes a difference.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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QSRSupport    77

Hi ksvari,


Project items added to a project map or concept map are displayed with a set icon to denote the item type. A blue circle is used to denote that the item is a theme node, and other icons are used to denote other project items such as cases, relationships, or various source types. You are not able to change the colour of these icons.


I’ve passed feedback about adding this feature on to the relevant team. For now, depending on the aims of your map you could try creating a concept map rather than a project map. If you do this, you still won’t be able to change the colour of the node icons, but you are able to change the colour of the labels on these nodes which might suit your purpose.


To do this:

  1. Create a concept map and add your project items – details on how to do this can be found at the following link http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/Create_a_concept_map.htm
  2. Ensure you are in Edit mode, and then select the project item you wish to change the font colour for
  3. In the Concept Map tab, in the Format Text group, select a different font colour




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ksvari    1



Thank you for the information and suggested alternative. It also occurred to me that we could create the Project Map and once we see what it shows, then manually recreate it manually in Concept Map which would let us choose shapes and colors. Sounds a bit painful, but ....!


On the other hand, your suggestion that would let us change the label colors may be sufficient.


Thank you, too, for passing the suggestion along to the team responsible for future features.



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