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Problems exporting papers from Mendeley to NVivo 10

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Hi there,


I am conducting a PhD and am trying to use NVivo 10 for a literature review. I have collected a large number of papers and have them ready to be imported into NVivo for analysis.


However, when I try to import the papers (from an XML format) i get an error message saying: the xml file you have selected to import does not conform to the Endnote X2, X3 or X4 schema.


In addition, I have tried to export from Mendeley to the ris. file type and import into NVivo, however, the option to import straight from Mendeley does not exist in the 'From Other Sources' drop down menu.


Could this be due to having NVivo 10 and not 11? and would it be possible to install a plug in to correct this?


Any help or insight into how to correct this problem would be greatly appreciated.


The version of NVivo I am running is provided by the University and is: (64 bit)


I hope I have explained this clearly.









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Hi Robin,


You are on a very old service pack of NVivo 10. This is the reason you are unable to see Mendeley option and it can also cause XML related error.

Please follow instructions in the link below and update your NVivo 10 software:



I hope this helps.




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