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Wrapping text problem - whole line not displaying

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I was just talking to someone about an NVivo file they have that's suddenly displaying text strangely.


So if they're looking at a document in their internal sources, the lines are really wide which means they have to keep scrolling left-right to read it. The only way to view the whole line is to zoom right out to the point that it's too small to read anyway.


The strange thing is that this problem has just started, i.e. the text was displaying fine previously.


Any thoughts on how to remedy this frustrating problem would be much appreciated.



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Hi QDiddy,


This problem is possibly due to the layout setting set in NVivo for this document.


This setting might have been changed if you’ve recently printed this document. Could you please try opening this document in Edit mode, and then on the Layout tab select Page Setup. Please try changing the page setup settings to see if this resolves the issue.




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Thanks Heather and sorry for the delay - when clicking Page Setup an error message appears so it sounds like there is something wrong with the software - going to check this out with IT in our dept.

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