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Teamwork Coding Stripes

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rlaster    1



I've started adding a few new team members to a project and I understand the importance of logging in for each user and I have also watched the tutorials on how to do the coding comparison queries once we have all done our separate coding. But is there a way to choose to view only 1 team members coding stripes when you are in a source that you are coding? I want my team members to be able to see their stripes while they are coding, but not necessarily be distracted by mine or other team members. I did not create different copies of the project for each user so we are all working on the same file at different times at the same computer.




Becky Laster

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QSRSupport    76

Hello Becky,


At this stage, I am sorry to inform you that the functionality of viewing coding stripes according to users is currently unavailable in NVivo for Mac, and I have raised the matter with our Product Manager who collates all feature requests and prioritizes them accordingly.

Please excuse me if you are already aware of the link below which lists current features available in NVivo for Mac. This list is continually updated when features become available:



Please let us know if we can assist you with any other query.



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rlaster    1

Thank you for replying so quickly - even though the answer is not in my favor - it is good to know that I can stop trying to figure out how to do this!


Thanks for including the link. Very helpful information.



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