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I have attached three screenshots.

The first one is my data sources.

The next one is showing that I’ve made them case nodes also.

The final one is my respondent list which shows that one principal is missing. There should be six, however the last one that I interviewed is not in that list. From Heather down to Stephen (5) are my principals, but Charles is missing. I know I added him in later but I'm not sure why he doesn't appear on the respondent list.

Why? What am I missing in this process?

PS all names are pseudonyms.





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Hello Welby,


Can you please check if you have assigned a Classification to Charles? If not, please classify him as a Respondent and check if this resolves the issue.


If you have already classified him, please change any Attribute value to something different to what it is currently, click Done, and change the value back to what it was originally. This will refresh the case. Once done, please check again if Charles gets displayed in the list.


Kind Regards,

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