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NVivo Expert and certified trainer

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I was just wondering if anyone could offer some advice regarding the NVivo Expert and Certified Trainer courses if I said a little more about my situation.

I've been using NVivo pretty constantly for multiple projects over the past 10 years including my PhD and several Research Assistant and Associate roles. 

I've attended two or three NVivo training courses over the years although I'm aware that for my studies I haven't generally made use of the latest features of the software. 

In my organisation I've ended up doing some fairly informal training sessions on NVivo basically, this is how I use Nvivo, I'm keen to formalise this a bit and would like to be able to offer more structured introductions to the software and help with troubleshooting and project design.  

I'm wondering if a) the Expert and Certified Trainer courses are appropriate for me and b)anyone would be willing to share their experience of these courses - in particular how much work they both entail (in terms of assignments/ hours?).

Any thoughts much appreciated. 

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