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Hi there,

I wondered if you could advise me on an issue we are having with a shared NVivo 11 file. We have a rather substantial node framework and many sources in our NVivo project. One of the nodes has stopped opening in terms of the 'reference' tab on the right hand side, and will currently only open for summary and text options. I just wondered if you knew why this might be and how to get back the information for the reference tab? At the bottom, it says there are 24 sources and 128 references coded to this node, but when you open the reference tab it just shows as blank (with the data still in the text and summary tabs, although sometimes making the project crash). 

Any help would be much appreciated.


Kind regards,



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Hello Liz,

This could happen if there is some rich text format in the coded part of the sources which NVivo is unable to render. Can you please enable plain text and see if this resolves the issue?

Enable Plain Text

To change this setting:

1)    Launch NVivo

2)    Go to the File menu -> Options

3)    Tick the option ‘Display plain text for nodes with'

4)    Click Apply

5)    Click OK

6)    Close down NVivo

7)    Re-launch NVivo



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Hi Sameer,

Thanks that is so helpful.

It has worked and seems fine now. You couldn't give me some examples of the rich text format that NVivo can't render could you? Just so I'm aware of it being an issue in the future? 

Many thanks,


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