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citing references in nodes or sources

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Having written an outline, I am starting to write-up the analysis. In the process, I would like to set links to references in nodes or the source; similarly to the way in which bibliographic references are cited. What is the best way to do this please? I understand memos can be linked to a specific node, and memos can be linked to an external reference, but can different textual components of a memo link to different references inside Nvivo? What I am trying to do seems common sense, but how do I use Nvivo to do it please? TIA .... Greg

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Hello Greg,

You may use ‘See Also links” to link textual components in a source or node or a Memo to part of another source or reference inside a Node. 

Please refer to the following links which provide more information:  



Kind Regards,


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Thank you Sameer, that is very helpful.

Is it possible to create a link from inside a Microsoft Word document to a node reference inside NVivo? Memo doesn't seem to have sufficient word processing capability to be used for writing a report .... TIA ... Greg

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