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Importing coding from someone not using NVivo

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I am new to using NVivo and my current project is a grounded theory study with 2 coders.  The second person coding is using word documents, not NVivo.  Ithought that I would be able to enter her codes, however it seems that this will make it look like I did all of the coding myself.  Is there a way to import her coding and still delineate which person coded it so that I can compare between coders?  



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Hi Danni,

You can do this by opening NVivo via the programs menu (not by clicking on the project file) and then clicking file -> options and under user profile, change the name and initials to your colleague's name and initials. Then create a new blank project (File -> new), and import your colleagues data into this blank project. Please confirm that the project user now shows as your colleague by clicking File -> (under project information) Project properties -> users. Please save and close the project. 

Open NVivo again via the programs menu and click File -> Options and under user profile, change the name and initials back to your name and initials. This is very important, otherwise all the new projects and its coding will appear in your colleague's name instead of yours.

You can then open your project and import your colleagues project and do the coding comparison.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


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