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Can't drop text to code

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For some reason, I can't drop text onto nodes to code them. All of my files are pdfs but I tried with a word document and it doesn't work either. If it makes a difference, I am running it on a mac using a simulator.

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Hello Orly,

There is currently a known issue with drag and drop coding in NVivo for Mac; you may "lose" the selected text when trying to drag the selection to a node. This issue can also be replicated in some other applications such as Microsoft Outlook for Mac.

There is a technique, you may be already aware of, that some users find helpful - after highlighting the selection you wish to code, click and hold for about half a second before moving your mouse to drop into a node. If you try to move your mouse too soon after the initial click, NVivo for Mac may interpret this as the start of a new selection.
This technical issue is related to Webkit, which is the OS X system framework version of the engine used by Safari, Dashboard, Mail, and many other OS X applications. The issue has been raised with our technical team for further investigation and is being considered to be resolved in future software updates to NVivo for Mac. However, at this stage, I am unable to confirm when this issue will be resolved.
I hope this has been helpful.
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