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helen marshall

Database error message with windows 10 update

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I  went to open the sample project today and  got the  database component error message that (I  think) usually indicates some system conflict. The problem was not webcompanion  - uninstalling it made no difference.  Since the only change I  had made between last  working with NVivo and today was upgrading Windows 10, I uninstalled the upgrade and  was once again able to access the sample project and create new projects.  Just  reporting  it in case anyone else finds the same thing .

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QSRSupport    76

Hi Helen,

Thank for sharing this information. This error indicates that the SQL Server Local DB, which is the database component that NVivo uses, has failed to start correctly. It’s likely that the update changed something which is preventing it from starting.

When you launched NVivo after updating, were you given the option to run the NVivo Database Installation Repair Wizard? If you run into this issue again we’d recommend running this when prompted as it should resolve your issue.


If the issue still persists afterwards, please submit a support form via our website: http://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo-support/contact-support 

Cheers, Tane

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