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Importing transcripts To NVIVO for Mac

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debo    0

I am a PhD(c)-I have just joined the NVIVO community. I have been editing my 19 transcripts by hand up until this point. It was too much data- 1000 pages! Is it possible to import my edited work and comments or must I start again fresh with the original transcripts?



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QSRSupport    76


How were the documents edited and commented previously? If they were edited in word, and the comments are in-line, or actually written in the document on the page, then they should import as expected. However, if the comments are Microsoft Word comments (where they display off the page) then these wont come in when importing. You can copy and paste the commented text onto the page but this would be a manual process.

There may be a tool or program that allows you to save your word document (with comments and edits) as a new document or PDF file, which you could then import into NVivo. However, there is nothing that I can recommend to do this, so it may require some investigating on your part.


Also, just in case you are wanting to import these transcripts so that they line-up with an already imported audio / video file, please ensure they are formatted correctly: http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/import_audio_or_video_transcripts.htm If you are just importing the transcript as it's own source you don't need to worry about doing this.

Cheers, Tane

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