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Matrix Query Not Generating results

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Hi Guys,
I have two different case studies and I conducted two sets of interviews on each of the case studies. So I have two different interview folders for case study A and B. Case A has interview folders 1 and 2 and so does Case B.
In terms of the case nodes, please how do i generate these so that it caters to both case studies? When I separate the cases into different NVivo projects, I have no issues but when I bring them together, I have issues. I think this is the root of my current challenge because my matrix queries do not generate any results even though I have coded contents in my nodes.
Please help!!!

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Hi Ini,

I can see you have submitted a support request form and I have sent you an email. If your current NVivo project was created by merging together two separate NVivo projects, it could be contributing to this problem if the two projects did not merge as you have expected.

NVivo uses certain criteria to determine if project items are duplicates and if these are not met, the duplicate items are imported again rather than being merged with the existing items. If this happened with any of the cases, sources or nodes you’re using for your query criteria your results might not be quite what you’re expecting because you’ll have one set of project items that contains the coding from Project A and one set of project items that contains the coding from project B.

You also might run into problems if the cases in both projects are considered duplicates, but they had been classified differently in each project. If that’s the case, the classification from Project B is still imported into project A but the cases retain the classification from project A. As the classification from project B is imported into the project you can still use it when choosing query criteria, but none of your cases will be assigned to this classification so you’ll receive no query result.

You can find more detail on how NVivo detaects and merges duplicate project items at the following link http://help-nv10.qsrinternational.com/desktop/deep_concepts/how_duplicate_project_items_are_handled_during_import.htm?

Regards, Heather

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