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Oded Marom

Capturing "sub-threads" on Facebook

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Oded Marom    0


I try to capture a conversation from an open group I am a member of. Since there are several "sub-threads" Facebook automatically hides the replies to comments (the sub-threads) when you enter the conversation page. In previous versions of Nvivo (or maybe the change was in Facebook, I can't tell) I used to simply expand all sub-threads by clicking the "x replies" line, and then capture the conversation whole. Now when I try to do it, after I expand all sub-threads and click the NCapture icon, the page refreshes and reloads with all the sub-threads collapsed, which is what I end up capturing.

Is there a way to solve this?



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QSRSupport    76

 Hi Oded,

This is a bug with NCapture where NCapture will refresh the page during the capture process. As the page is refreshed any comment threads that were expanded will be collapsed and won’t be captured. Our development team is aware of this problem and hope to resolve it in future.  

For now, as a workaround, you could try printing the webpage to a PDF and then import this PDF into NVivo. Please follow the instructions below to do this.  


Press Control + P to open the print dialog (Command + P on Mac)

Click “Change…” button

Select “Save as PDF”

Click “Print”


Internet Explorer:

Press Control + P to open the print dialog

Select “Microsoft Print to PDF” as the printer

Click “Print”




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