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Filtering data in Excel to show coding in filtered rows?

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Becky    0

Hi, I'm wondering if there is a way to isolate the coding in the filtered rows in an excel spreadsheet? I need to only look at the coding in a portion of a fully coded excel spreadsheet so want to see 1/3 of the rows, with 1/3 of the coding so I can analysis as per a time period. Is there any way of doing this? Or is the only way to copy to file, and then uncode each of the rows I don't want to see? Thank you. Becky 

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QSRSupport    76

Hi Becky, 

Copying the file and deleting the coding you don’t wish to see would be one approach. An easy way to remove the coding you’re not interested in would be to filter your dataset so that it shows all of the rows you are NOT interested in. You can then select all of these rows (Keyboard shortcut Command + A will make this easier) and uncode all of the references at the same time.  

Another approach to finding the references you’re after could be to run a coding query using the same criteria you used to filter your dataset. This assumes that the columns you used to filter your dataset are created as case attribute values.



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