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Emilie Y.    0


I have a fairly simple question but I am stock so any help would be welcomed! I did a qualitative research for my doctorate in organizational psychology. I have two data gathering and I am looking to put the 2 verbatim under the same case. I started by importing the T1 of verbatim and made them into a case. Now, I dont find a way to had the T2 verbatim to the case. I need to do it in order to complete my intracase analysis! Am I clear? 

Thanks everyone for your help! 


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QSRSupport    76

Hello Emilie, 

I believe you want to code your second transcript (T2) to the case that you have created from the first transcript (T1).
You may do this by right clicking on T2 and selecting Code Sources > At Existing Nodes or Cases.... In the window that opens, click on the Cases folder in the left hand side, select the case that you have created from T1 on the right and click Select.

Please refer to the below NVivo help link for more information:

I hope this helps.

Rahul Gupta

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