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The two options for cluster analysis appear to be Source and Node. Is it possible to do a cluster analysis for sources that I've grouped using case classification attributes?

For example, let's say School 1, School 2, School 3, ... n each have a # of sources (records, interviews, etc.). I made these sources into cases, then assigned the names of schools as case classification attributes (so School 1 is the attribute value for all its sources and so forth).  I want to see which schools (= its collection of sources) have similar coding.

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Hi Lisa,

It won't be possible to run a cluster analysis to find coding similarity in sources based on attributes. 

You can create different sets for different schools and add your sources to these sets. Then you can run a cluster analysis on those sets. Refer to the link below for detailed information on sets:


Another method is to use the following approach:

-         Create cases for schools, coding all of the documents for a given school to the case node

-          Create a Case vs Node matrix

-          Change the cell content to Nodes and select your cases (school)

-          Turn on Cell Shading 

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

Bhupesh Bhardwaj

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Hi Bhupesh,

Thanks for your reply.

(1) When I run a cluster analysis on sets, the diagram shows all the sources in that set (e.g., all interviews)-- the analysis looks the same as selecting all sources -- it does not compare set vs set (e.g., School 1 vs School 2). Am I doing something wrong?

(2) Matrix queries have been useful for comparing cases, but I'd hoped there was a way to run a cluster analysis. 

I guess I could export it to Excel for the cluster analysis.



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