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Polina Gavria

Counting prompts

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Hi, I have just completed the introduction course and am still working out how NVivo works.  

Some of the coding happens by dragging the words or phrases into a node. My understanding is, that NVivo counts the amounts of words/phrases under a specific node. What if I don't want to code this way but simply want to count the amount of prompt. For example if I have 10 questions in an interview, I want to count the amount of questions that had prompts in them,  out of 10.Can I do that without dragging the prompted responses into a node? This way, later I can see that John, for example, had 3 out of 10 questions prompted and Jennie 9 our of 10.  

I would also like to be able to calculate percentage of prompted answers, calculated as 100 times the number of responses which included a negative attribution only after participant was prompted divided by the total number of prompted items. So for example,  if a participant was prompted on 5 items and made a negative attribution on 4 of those items, their sensitivity prompts would be 4/5x100 = 80%  . Is this possible to compute in Nvivo?    

Finally, if a node has 10 child nodes, each counting prompts in specific questions, how can I count total prompts across all questions in the parent node, gathering this info from all its child nodes?   

Thank you. Poli 

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Hello Polina,

NVivo is able to count the number of references in a node.

With regards to counting prompts, if the prompts in the interview have any specific word associated with it, eg prompt / advised / hinted etc you can do a Text Search query for that word to find how many times a prompt was used. You can also limit the Text Search query to specific sources to find the number of prompts for a particular interview. The search results can then be saved as a Node. The number of references in the node will indicate the number of prompts. Please refer to the below link for information on text search query and saving its result as a node:


With regards to calculating sensitivity prompts, unfortunately, this cannot be done automatically in NVivo. You can use the above information to find the number of prompts and then calculate the result manually.

With regards to finding total number of prompts in the parent node, this can be found by turning Node Aggregation ON. Please refer to the below link for instructions to turn node Aggregation ON: 


I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


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