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Weighting Nodes in a Cluster Analysis

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Lance_n    0

Hey guys!  I'm relatively new to NVIVO and I'm trying to do a cluster analysis to show interconnected some nodes are.  I have 53 nodes based on expert interview data (characterizing barriers to electric vehicles), and I'm trying to show that there's four main barriers that relatively linked to each other.  I created a cluster analysis, see attached.


The problem is that all the nodes seem to be of the same importance because they're the same size.  However some nodes have 100's of source material, where as others have only one.  Does anyone know if you can change the size of the nodes in the cluster analysis by the amount of times something is coded within that node?

Secondly, I know that many of the sources are coded in more than one nodes (for example "Range" and "Price" were often coded together).  They're close to each other, but they don't show how many times they are coded similarly.  Is there a way to add a line between nodes that have  certain level of overlap?  


Thanks in advance for your help!


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