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Help! Coding technique - long list of nodes!

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Coding seems very laborious! I have long list of codes, which means the window with the transcript is small or the window with the nodes is small. Either way means lots of scrolling. Is there a way around this? 

E.g. changing the position of the node window?

Are there any good short cuts?

I'm using the mac version but could run the windows version using parallels if it makes it much easier


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Hi Morgan616, 

You might want to explore some of the other coding techniques available in NVivo. Drag and drop coding is only one way you can code in NVivo.  

You can also code using the coding panel, or via the shortcut menu or ribbon. You can find details of these coding techniques at the following link:


You may also wish to experiment with displaying the detail view on the right rather than at the bottom of the NVivo window. To do this, open the View tab and then in the Window group click Detail View > On Right.



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