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View from cases and nodes viewpoint

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I am a little bit new to NVivo and have a question about how to get the broader picture when I have doe all the coding.

I have many pages of qualitative interview and observation notes about free-time uses. I have coded the texts by different free-time uses, I have made a case for each informant and then I have grouped several cases under a higher, broader case - for example, I have put all the female cases under the upper case "Women". Now my dream would be to click on each upper case (such as "Women", containing the cases of all female informants and their coded portions of text) and see the codes and the text excerpts under this case.

Is this or some similar view possible?


Thank you for your kind attention!
Regards, Camilla

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Hi Camilla,

You can turn on the node aggregation for parent node Women to see coding references from all child nodes. Refer to the link below:


You can also export your Node list and Coding References to a Word document to refine and review.


I hope this is helpful.

Kind Regards,


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