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Hi everyone, 

I have a very basic question that I somehow haven't managed to figure out after hours of scouring the internet.

It's my first time coding a focus group with NVIVO. This means that there are multiple (15) participants in the same source document. When I code this document to different theme nodes and I subsequently open one of the theme nodes, the program doesn't show me who said what. 

Is there a way to tell NVIVO in the source document which fragments were spoken by which participants so that it subsequently shows up in the theme nodes (e.g. reference 1 - participant 5....quote, reference 2 - participant 14.....quote)? 

I've read about the possibility of making cases, so that when you open a case node, e.g. participant 5, you can see everything that participant 5 said - I get that. 

But I specifically need to be able to see WHICH participants said WHAT about a theme node, e.g. fishing in the sea. And I need to see all of the answers about this theme node together, so I can compare what people said about it.

Can anyone help me out? 


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Hi Julia,

I can see that you’ve also submitted a support request through our website and we’ve been in contact to assist.  

An easy way to get an indication of who has said what would be to create cases for each of your participants and code all their responses to the relevant case nodes. You can then view your theme nodes with coding stripes turned on for each participant to see who has said what.

You can find information on creating case nodes at the following link:


You can find details on how to turn on coding stripes at the following link:


Regards, Heather

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Hi Heather,

I have the same problem and still, i am struggling with NVivo. 

 I have a total of four focus groups discussion with six participants in each group. Each participant is selected according to gender and caste. In the NVivo, when I code each discussion, I do not see which participant say what. Instead of in each thematic node, I see the indication of particular focus group discussion only (such as FGD-1, FGD-2). Do I need to make a separate file for each participant under each group discussion? Also in the final report, how can I see which participant said what. Please help me.

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