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Export original imported Excel data source back out to Excel, with nodes added as new columns?

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I'm using NVivo to code open-response fields of a larger survey with many close-ended questions. My NVivo file only has 1 source imported: 1 Excel file with lots of survey respondents as rows and many columns of quant data in addition to a couple columns containing the open-response question qual text.

We inductively coded the qual text to quantify topics that came up. Now my ideal would be to append columns to my original survey data set; 1 column per node, with values of 1 assigned in the column if the participant had text coded to that node and values of 0 assigned if their passage was not assigned to that node. Would it be possible to do this, and then export the data set back out to Excel?

My hope is that once the raw survey data + node data is exported, I can put it into stats software to do things like run regressions and check the balance of whether the demographics of people who answered "none" or "n/a" to the open-response question varied from those who gave a true answer etc.

Sorry if this was asked already - I didn't see it. Thanks in advance!

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Hi drenched,

You can’t currently edit datasets in NVivo, or export a dataset in the format you’re after. If you would like to manually add these fields to your dataset using Excel, an easy way to show the data you’re after would be to print your dataset with coding stripes turned on. You could print to a PDF file if you prefer. Please see the following links for how to turn on coding stripes and how to print in NVivo.

Coding stripes: http://help-nv10.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/use_coding_stripes_to_explore_coding.htm

Print: http://help-nv10.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/print_project_items.htm

I have also passed a feature request on to the relevant team to consider adding this feature in future.



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