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Charles Taylor

Features I'd like in NVivo

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A wish list:


I'd like to be able to import and code .rtf documents containing tables, and be able to code text within the table.


Also, I'd like an option in the import document where, if there was some graphic or table structure in an .rtf file that couldn't be imported, that the rich text of the file could nevertheless be imported, with perhaps a brief indicator <Table here>, <Graphic here> replacing the offending items. Sometimes a rich text file (especially if derived from a Word or HTML file) contains some small item - a line or other small mark - which has to be manually searched for and deleted before importing the file. A tedious business.


I'd like a "spread to enclosing sentence" option in the Search tool.


I'd like to be able to search for all text between two markers - for instance to be able to extract all dialogue from the text of a novel by searching for text between quotation marks.

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