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Creating cases for interviews where all content has been coded

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I'm doing a grounded theory study and have coded content of five interviews. I have become aware that case nodes can be made for each interviewee and that this can help consider who said what etc.

I am wondering if case nodes can be created after content of interviews have been coded. When I tried to make a case node for each interviewee last night, I could not find a way to find codes attached to each case. It just showed as one code, which was the whole interview transcript rather than specific codes attached to each case.

Not sure if that is clear but please advise if you think you can help.

Regards, David

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Hi David,

Yes, cases can be created manually after the interviews have been coded. Refer to the link below on how to create a case manually:


When you create a case automatically by selecting an interview & creating it as a case, entire interview is coded to the specific case. If you do not want to code the entire interview, you can create cases manually and code the relevant data from the interview. 

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,



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