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MacOS High Sierra won't let me use NVIVO

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I have just upgraded my Mac Air to MacOS High Sierra. Yesterday on the old system no problem getting into my projects until I upgraded. I'm using NVIVO 11 for Mac.

The message is:

Cannot open or save projects on disk “Macintosh HD”

The disk has an unsupported disk format (apfs) that prevents NVivo from saving changes.
Please copy the project to a supported disk and open it from there.

Does anyone have a solution? It would be much appreciated.

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Hi Kate,

The latest update to MacOS introduced a new file system that is not compatible with older versions of NVivo for Mac. Support for the Apple file system (apfs) was introduced in the latest update of NVivo for Mac Version 11. 
Please follow the steps below to update your NVivo for Mac:

1. Make sure the NVivo application is closed before you install the new version. (You may need to right click NVivo icon in the dock and click Quit)

2. Download NVivo for Mac(version 11) from our Downloads page below:


3. Locate and double-click the NVivo.dmg file that you downloaded.

4. Drag the NVivo icon into your Applications folder.

5. During the installation, if you are asked whether you wish to replace the older version of NVivo, click Replace.

6. Go to Finder>Applications, right click NVivo icon and click Get Info. Confirm that it shows version 11.4.2

7. Double click same NVivo icon, paste your license if prompted and activate the software.

Once this is done, you should be able to work on NVivo projects. 
I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


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