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Hello all. I wonder if you can help. I am trying to link sources to case classifications. Under case classifications I have a list of the interviewees with details about their gender and background. I have a number of sources - interviews (sometimes 2 files), notes, etc. The sources are coded but I wanted to run analysis seeing how noding changes depending on gender and background. To do that I'll need to link the sources to each case. How would I do that in such a way I could run an appropriate query? Thanks.

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Anything? Any help would be much appreciated. 

I thought I should create each source (i.e. each interview audio file) as case (i.e. Create As>Create As Cases> Assign to classification) so that Source: John - Interview 1 is assigned to Case: John but the problem is about aggregation. If I aggregate it, it counts John twice in the cases. If I don't aggregate it I can't see what John's nodes based on the multiple interviews. 

Fingers crossed some of you NVIVO pros can help out :huh:



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In order to link your case attributes to sources, you simply need to code from sources to the cases. When this happens, you should be able to run queries based on attributes across your sources.

If you had separate single interview sources for each participant, you could have created each source as a case. Using "Create as Case" option codes whole source to respective case automatically.

Kind Regards,


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