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Query results vanish upon coding to a node

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When I run a text query, open a source in a separate tab, and then code to a node in that source, the query results window/tab vanishes. Then I have to rerun the query and find where I left off, which is time-consuming and unnecessary. This happens whether the source I'm coding is a PDF or a memo. At first, I couldn't figure out what action was resulting in the query results window vanishing, but eventually diagnosed that it only happens when I could to a node in a source opened in a separate tab.

I found this forum topic which seems relevant, but it's for NVivo 9 and I can't replicate the suggested solution in NVivo 11. I also couldn't find any error log as recommended in this topic:

Is there a solution to this problem? If not, I'd like to report it as something that needs fixing in future updates/versions.

Thank you.

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It is correct that query results disappear when you code from a source. This occurs because query results become obsolete when you code to a node. 

I have raised this with our Product Team so that user experience can be improved in future.



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