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I have a dataset comprising transcripts of interviews with various health professionals (doctors, pharmacists, nurses, etc). I used auto coding to create cases for each speaker, so that the Interviewer is one case and each participant is a separate case. These cases are grouped under a (super?)case based on their role. In other words, there is a (super)case that includes all pharmacists, and sub-cases within for each individual pharmacist. 

I am trying to run queries, specifically word frequency but potentially any, but only on specific cases. In the instructional video for auto-coding, it said that it would be possible to do this so that the questions themselves wouldn't drive the word frequencies. While I couldn't find a video or specific instructions for how to do this, I intuited that I could choose "Selected Items" instead of "All Sources" and then select only the cases I wanted. I successfully used this approach to limit my queries to specific nodes, but when I tried cases, I ran into trouble. When I ran the query it returned no results.

After weeks of trying, I eventually discovered that for one of the (super)cases, which included all the doctors, I could successfully run the query and get results. It worked whether I selected the supercase itself or the sub-cases (each individual doctors). For all other cases, however, the program says that it found no results, which makes no sense for a word frequency search! I cannot figure out why it would only work for these particular cases.

I checked the settings for the case folders and they are identical. I also confirmed that the cases actually are indexing the text I intended (specifically what each participant said). And I made sure that all cases in each folder were selected each time. After messing around with settings (in the process turning off the classification and thereby losing all my attributes), I still couldn't get the other cases to work. 

Then, I imported more transcripts today, and then checked to see if the query would work on the new cases. It did not. In fact, now it isn't working for most of the doctors either. I'm comparing the settings for the cases that work with those that don't, and can't find any difference. 

Any ideas about what might be going on?

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