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I have a recurring issue with coding stripes.  I run NVivo 11 on a PC.


Coding stripes are often in the wrong place.  This causes issues when I am going back to work to double check what I've coded and where, or when I return to work each day.

Often the stripes are in the wrong place (a few inches down the screen).  I know this is definitely the case because sometimes it happens a few seconds after I've done it, and in any case I can check by clicking on the respective stripe and seeing which part of the text it highlights.


Is this a known issue with Nvivo 11?  I have seen someone mention that when they printed out their coding it happened.



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Hi Jenni, 

This isn't the expected behaviour and we will need access to a copy of your NVivo project to be able to look into this further. Can you please submit a support request at the below link with a copy of your NVivo project attached. If your project file is too large to attach to the support request form please let us know in your request and we'll be able to set up a Dropbox file request to allow you to share your file with us. 


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Hi - I am also experiencing this. I noticed it when calling up nodes to scroll through the references. While looking through the references of a particular node, I wanted to see all other nodes coded in the same text, but noticed that the strips are often not in the right place. Further, the ribbons don't update properly if I decide to code text to other nodes while viewing the references of one particular node... I'm beginning to wonder if it has something to do with zooming in and out on the text. If I zoom in or out to make text bigger or smaller, the ribbons should shift to following the text they are coded with. They do shift, but not accurately.

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