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Auto coding for terms: get multiple instances in one reference?

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I auto coded for terms vaccin+ (vaccine(s), vaccination(s) etc...). What is really annoying me however, is that when I call up the node to view all instances of these terms, the software presents separate references for multiple instances that are within the same sentence/paragraph/context thus making the summary very long and repetitive. Is there a way to get the program to cluster instances which are close to each other (within the same paragraph perhaps) so that the reference summary isn't so long and repetitive?  I've attached an image which hopefully helps to illustrate what I'm getting at. Each of the instances of the term I've underlined in red is highlighted separately - so all that grey context text is repeated another 5 times! 


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Hi Tabitha, 

If you have created your node by running a text search query and saving the results, by default the only words that are coded to each reference is the text that you have searched for, e.g. “Vaccination”. These are the words that are shown in black and the grey text surrounding is shown for context. 

To make your node less repetitive to read through you could display less context surrounding your node, or you could refine your references if you would like to combine all of the references within your paragraph into one reference. 

Please see the following link for how to adjust the context displayed:


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