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Removing Sentiment Coding (from Auto Coding)

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Hi, I was trying out the Auto Coding features for themes and sentiment. The Themes feature allowed me to cancel before saving the results, but the Sentiment Auto Coding did not.

I went clicked on "I think" Queries and found a listing for the Sentiment coding and deleted that, but when I click on Nodes and then Sentiment, the Positive and Negative nodes are still there. Selecting them (either individually or all together) and then right clicking does not bring up a "delete" option -- which is available for nodes that I have created.

Is there a way to do that?

Thank you in advance for the help.

Sentiment Nodes.jpeg

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Hi ksvari, 

You cannot delete the sentiment nodes from the project, however you are able to uncode anything that has been coded to them. Please see the following link for how to uncode in NVivo: 


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Hi, is there still no possibility to remove autocoded sentiments?
They are showing up in my comparison diagrams and dilute the findings.
Would anyone have recommendations to work this out? Is there a way to remove them from the diagrams in any case?

Thanks a lot in acvance!

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