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Chart function on a Mac

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Hello folks, there appears to be some limitations to the chart feature on the Mac using NVIVO 12. 

I am able to create a chart using one File within Data, one Node within Codes, a Memo within Notes, BUT not a Case within Cases. Nor is one able to highlight multiple files or nodes and create a chart.

This means that one is able to produce a chart of one interviewee’s response via a file, but one is not able to produce a chart of all the cases that are female or all the cases that are of a certain age, etc.

Can anyone help with a workaround here?

Many thanks. 

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One workaround may be to create a Matrix Coding query with Cases as the rows of the query, and Attribute values as columns of the query. The query results can then be exported to Excel (right click in query results and select Export). After the results have been exported,  you can transfer them to Excel and create a chart in Excel.

Please refer to the link below for instructions on how to run a Matrix Coding query in NVivo 12 Mac:


I hope this helps.



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