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How to give Mac user project access

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I have read somewhere that Mac and Windows users shouldn't be working on the same project. Unfortunately, this is the case for my project. I will at least need to ensure that a Mac user has visibility of the codes, even if not coding themselves. Could you please link me to how I can share a project that was set up in Windows with a Mac user and what the implications are? Could you also let me know if there is a risk that data might be corrupted? Even if access is possible with certain limitations, that is fine. It would just be good to know what these limitations are.

Many thanks,


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Hi Anila,

To share your Windows project with a Mac user, can you please make a Mac format copy of your project via File>Copy Project feature in NVivo 11 for Windows? Once converted, you can copy Mac format project to a flash drive/online storage for Mac user to copy the project to their Mac and open it. 

Generally there isn't data corruption risk however, you can refer to known limitations and issues in the link below:


I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


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