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RSS feed monitor, import into NVivo for analysis

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Any close plans to provide for Nvivo to monitor RSS feed(s) and directly import full--text and metadata for later analysis? (Images too, by preference option)?

Failing that, any clear way to achieve this externally, as I want a semi-automatic or better solution to ensure that all texts are grabbed at publication for analysis, rather than being "memory holed" by publishers.

One "competing" (but unchecked) provider claims to have RSS feed support, but I'd rather not a) learn another program and b) buy another program that may not otherwise be of Nvivo grade (it may be comparable, or better, but then there will be a new learning curve and expenditure too!).


BW, Darren

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Hi Darren,

We have heard about RSS feeds from only a few of our customers and there are no immediate plans to support these.

We use an easy and user-friendly online tool called Canny to gather all our customer feedback. May I request that you click on the following link https://nvivo.canny.io/ and share your feature suggestion here by creating a post? You can also vote on posts created by other users. When you post or vote on a feature, you will start receiving notification via Canny on the planned/in progress/completed actions.

As a workaround, you may consider using some third party tool to capture the feeds and convert the captured data into a format support by NVivo. Refer to the link below to know about supported data types:


Kind Regards,


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