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This seems like it should be a straight forward problem...

When I upload my survey data NVivo will not add all of the closed questions (those I assigned in set up process/wizard) as attributes. I need to assign more columns to be attributes and am struggling to work out how.

One assumption I have made is that all closed questions will be made as attributes and appear in list under case classifications - is this true?

Why has NVivo not made all closed questions into attributes?
Why have some closed questions and not others been made into attributes? 

How do I make columns of data into attributes quickly? When I create new case classifications the attributes are unassigned, with  300 respondents It would take yonks to assign manually

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Tim,

Yes, all closed responses should appear as attribute values. 

When you import a dataset into NVivo, it reads first 25 rows to identify if the responses are Open Ended or Close Ended. If you want to change a column from Open Ended to Close Ended, you can do so during Step 4 of the import process. Refer to the link below:


When importing the dataset, classifying data should be automatically assigned your cases. If this isn't working, you can right click on imported dataset, click Classify Cases from Dataset, and select existing Case folder during Step 2 of the import. Refer to the link below:


I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


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