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I mistakingly highlighted the text I selected for coding but clicked to code source button rather than code selection.  Is there any way to undo this; does NVivo save my selections too?

Can you uncode and will it revert to just the text the selection?  Any help with this would be of great help.  MB.

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Hi Matt,

If you have coded the whole source, you can uncode a source by locating it in the list view and;

1. Right click on the source and select Uncode Sources > At Existing Nodes or Cases or 

2. Via the menu bar, Analyse > Uncode Sources > At Existing Nodes or Cases

When the list of nodes opens, select the node that the source is coded to and click Select. If you do not know which node you coded the source to, you can open the source and turn on coding stripes, a coding stripe for a node that covers the whole source would likely indicate the node that was used. Please note that when you uncode the source from a node, this will remove all other coding for that source to that node as coding a source is essentially selecting all text and coding that to a node. 

Hope this helps.



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Hi Nick

Yes that's helpful.  It doesn't resolve what I've done, so will have to go back through each document individually again - but look it's only seven interviews so not so bad.


Thanks anyway.



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