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I am doing a literature analysis using NVivo. I would like to see an overview of nodes for each specific source (pdf). My question is: Where can I retrieve all codes that were selected for a pdf-paper? I would need this overview accessible for each paper.

Also, is it possible to run a query which activates one node and tells me all the other nodes that were applicable / were activated for source files in this specific node category? For example:

I want to be able to select node A, which shows me the papers X, Y, Z and I want to know that for all papers within the node A the codes C, E and F are applicable. It would be great if you could point me to information on how I can achieve this.


Many thanks for your help.

Best regards,


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Hi Anila,

To see all the nodes for a source, you can open the source and turn on Coding Stripes for All nodes. Refer to the link below:


In regards to your second question, you can run a Matrix query by adding desired nodes as Rows and Columns. Resulting matrix will show you number of coding references for each intersection, which will help you find if there is common coding between the nodes. You can also set the scope of the query to specific sources. Refer to the link below for detailed information:


I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


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