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Hello, I'm a new Nvivo user.

I have imported a number of interviews. My cases are established, I have 1 case for each person interviewed. Interviews are mostly semi structured.

My interview document structure is generally something like this:

Mr B (Interviewer): Why did you return to....?

Mr C (Participant): Because.......

Mr B (interviewer): What's that been like...?


I'd like to code just the participant responses, not the questions. Ideally I'd like to auto code this rather than go through and select each paragraph manually and then code them. However, the documents are not style formatted, although they're organised in paragraphs and there's a clear heading before the text of interest (eg. Mr C (participant): indicates any text that follows belongs to that case). My questions are:

1. Can I auto code this? If so, how?

2. If not, what about using range codes? With range codes, how do I show paragraph or line numbers?

Thanks for any advice.

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Hi Olinda,

You should be able to auto-code based on paragraphs. Refer to the link below for instructions:


Range coding is mainly a manual coding process where you use paper based documents.

In order to include paragraph numbers, please tick 'paragraph numbers' option when printing. Refer to the link below:


I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


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Just a follow-up on this, one significant improvement in Nvivo 12 on this line, is the opportunity to auto code via speakers name in an interview transcription. You enter each person's name as they appear in the document and Nvivo captures the text from each 'speaker'.

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