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I have just got the new NVivo 12 and am trying to use the new types of queries.


Am I correct in saying that you can only use two attributes for a crosstab query?


I have a number of documents which each have 4 attributes.  Each attribute has a choice of one,two,or three values.


I have then coded some material in each of these documents.

What I want to produce is something that looks exactly like my classification sheet, but with an added column which shows how many node / code references there are in a particular document.



                                              Attribute 1              Attribute 2               Attribute 3              Attribute 4                       Node 1 number of references

Document 1                        Value                       Value                        Value                       Value                                 4

Document 2                        Value                       Value                         Value                       Value                                7               etc.

This could then be filtered according to attributes to quickly see which type of document has the most references to that node.  As far as I can see this is not possible.  Could you please clarify?

I managed to do this in NVivo 11 by doing a coding query and exporting to excel, then exporting the classification sheet to excel and merging them using a VLOOKUP.  This wasn't ideal!







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Hi Jenni,

While it won't be possible to create such a result directly in NVivo, Matrix Coding Query can be used to achieve something closer to this. You'll need to add sources as Rows and Attribute Values as Columns to the Matrix Coding Query.

Refer to the link below for detailed information on Matrix Coding query:


I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Bhupesh,


Thanks for your reply.


I'm unable to see how to add attribute values to a matrix coding query.  If i try and drag them across as I drag across the the sources, it has the 'no entry' icon.


Is there any other way to add the values as a column?





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