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I can import mp4 video files successfully in the 32 bit version of NVivo 12, but not into the 64 bit version.  

The advice for NVivo 10 was to use the 32 bit version, has there been any update on this for later versions?  


Is there anything I should be doing to get it work on the 64 bit version?

Kind regards


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I am having the same issue with mp4 videos in NVIVO 12 Plus (64-bit), per the screensnip. The link Baljit showed only states the problem is for .mov .qt (not .mp4) but apparently this is an larger and ongoing issue? This is a major impediment to using either the manual transcription or the (forthcoming) transcription service options for video, as well as for using NVivo to organize videos I've recorded for teaching.


And to clarify, I have double checked that the videos open in every other media player on the (Win10 Enterprise) PC, so it isn't an issue of missing codecs.

Thanks for your help!

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