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Code Co-Occurrence across rows of Excel data?

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I have data in Excel format imported into NVivo 12 for Windows.  I have multiple questions, each question in a separate column and each response in a separate row (responses are cases).  I am trying to determine if there is any pattern of co-occurrence of codes WITHIN each case but ACROSS all questions (so, does any particular respondent mention the same topics across multiple questions).  I can create a Framework Matrix with two dimensions (Case by Question), but is there any way to determine a count of how many cases have the SAME co-occurrences?

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For analysis of this type, it may be possible to do this using a matrix coding query, as this would allow you to look at themes and cases for a particular question, or themes and questions for a case. The following link from NVivo 12 online help outlines how to use this query:


Hope this helps.


QSR Support

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